Our 1st Annual Homerun Derby Toy Drive will be held on Sunday December 8th 2019. This will take place at Ken Hubbs Memorial Little League, Max Lofy Field in Colton, CA.

The entry fee is $10 per batter or a unwrapped toy valued at $10 or more. All donations will be delivered to Totally Kids Rehabilitation Hospital in Loma Linda.

Details for the Homerun Derby

Each batter will be given 10 outs to hit as many homeruns as possible. An out will consist of any hit ball that is not a homerun. Once all batters for the age group have hit, the batter with the most homeruns will be crowned the Homerun Champion for their age group. 

Each age group will hit off the softball pitching machine set at 50mph. 

For age group 7-9 the outfield fence will be brought in to 100 feet

For age group 10-12 the outfield fence will be brought in to 150 feet

For age groups 13 and up the outfield fence will be set at 200 feet.

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